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Planetary Magic and the Hermetic Qabalah

As I wrote in a previous blog, Magic existed before the Hebrew Qabalah; Planetary Magick by Denning & Phillips demonstrates that in an outstanding way.

From its inception, the Ogdoadic Tradition known as the Order Aurum Solis has shown Qabalah from the Hermetic point of view. This is radically different than the approach of the Hebrew Qabalah, which used implicitly theological and philosophic doctrines to describe the cosmos and human beings. To the Hermeticist, or to Ogdoadic initiates, Qabalah is a tool, a grid used for interpretation. As such I have to use it as an aid to explore the invisible worlds. However, if I want to advance much further, I must put this grid aside and use the real tools given by the earliest masters of the Western initiatic Tradition. I must therefore consider the world from the Hermetic point of view, which offers us a much more elegant approach.

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