High Magick & Initiatic Orders

For centuries, the ancient Western Mysteries have been transmitted through rituals called "initiations." Everyone can learn from books how to perform rituals, visualization, and self-empowerment, but nobody can seriously initiate himself. To do so, you need one or more persons who will perform a special ritual for you. We know the existence of such ceremonies of initiations from a very early period, 1700 BCE if we consider the Mysteries of Eleusis in Greece. Later, other closed groups such as the Pythagorean, Neoplatonists, Hermetists, and Theurgists practiced initiatic secret rituals. My goal is not here to write an historical study, but it is worth noting that such initiatic societies have

Did You Miss Something? Qabalah Versus Hermeticism

This is the first article in the series "Aurum Solis: The Heart of the Hermetic Tradition." For many centuries the Western Tradition seems to have become reduced to teaching only one aspect of the tradition: Hebrew Qabalah. In a previous article, I explained that magic rituals, philosophical teachings, etc. existed long prior to the creation and development of the esoteric interpretations of the biblical texts. Of course this is an important aspect of the history of the West, which led to a new point of view of nature of the universe. Even more importantly, different aspects of our understanding of the cosmos were radically modified by this new vision. Your first reaction to this fact might

The Magical Use of Prayer Beads

Wonders of the subterranean world are fascinating. Several times, I've had the opportunity to explore deep caves. In the silence and darkness of the earth, it is easier to forget the outer world. Our breathing becomes more perceptible. Simple sounds, such as drops falling regularly onto the floor, make our inner being resonate to these magic sonic waves. For the philosopher Plato, caves were representations of the physical world and our body. The reality is elsewhere. It can be found in the spiritual world and simultaneously in our inner being, which can be reached through progressive steps of consciousness. The symbols in this cave are all important. Stalactites and stalagmites are a powerf

Esoteric Freemasonry: The Hidden Side of the Pyramid

Among the Western Initiatic Traditions, Freemasonry is one of the best known. Today, it seems strange to say that this amazing organization was founded in 1777 in an English pub, but it's true! Of course, it was a formalization of groups that preexisted. However, it is from this moment that the legend really begins. At first, simple rituals were used, along with signs and secret words. Progressively, a third degree was added to the two originals, then thirty degrees more, then sixty-five Egyptian degrees more, and so on. Anyone, aristocrat or not, was able to wear a sword, to become a builder, an architect, a knight, or a Jewish Priest. Everyone wore aprons of legendary builders and eventual

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