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Pile of Books

Local and Thematic History

In addition to my personal writings, I write historical and thematic books for municipalities seeking a significant promotional tool for their town. I have authored, reprinted, and published several works on the city of Castillonnès in Lot et Garonne, managing the entire process from project conception to writing and final publication.

Pile of Books
Writing on Tablet

Your biography

In collaboration with you, I can write your biography, enabling you to create this significant account of your life with peace of mind regarding both style and formatting.

The support I provide

The Art of Writing

I have authored over ten books in French, with the majority being published by Éditions Grancher in Paris, France. Special editions and booklets are also distributed by other publishers. Transitioning to English writing, I am now published by Llewellyn Publications, the world's largest publisher of books aimed at developing human potential, spiritual awareness, and planetary consciousness.

Many of my books have been translated and published in various countries, including Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, and more. You can find documents about these books on this website, as well as on Amazon and the publishers' websites.

I am also passionate about writing biographies. Making my skills available to people who want to share their lives and experiences with their families or a wider audience is very important. Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like more information on this topic.



I teach the art of writing through workshops organized online, locally, and upon request in various countries. I also offers a mentoring program for those already engaged in the writing process. All groups are kept small to facilitate interaction and effective collaboration.


To learn more about the topics above, writing classes, workshops, mentoring, and anything related to the art of writing, feel free to contact me by clicking here...

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