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Mysteries of the Aura-Cover Web.jpg

Specs: Paperback | English
Release: March 8, 2023


For a long time, humanity has known that reality continues beyond what can be perceived through the physical senses. Sages, priests and initiates of various esoteric traditions have affirmed that we have several “invisible” bodies surrounding our flesh-and-blood body. Although we usually limit our understanding of reality to this physical dimension, our energetic bodies have been perceived by gifted individuals throughout the ages and are part of a reality verifiable by each one of us through techniques enabling us to perceive and understand this level of reality.
Invisible bodies have been described in various traditions from the East or the West.

As it is clearly shown in the following presentation of the book, the goal is to go further than a usual training to see the Aura.

This book intends to:
- provide the Eastern and Western explanations about the spiritual bodies
- provide with 40 practical exercises the best spiritual workout allowing the reader to increase its own ability to see the aura but also really go on the other level
- provide more than 20 exercises that can be practiced in couple

But such learning and such powers would be of little value if they did not also enable us to become aware of the way our thoughts and actions impact our lives.  The conscious experience of our aura enables us to realize that our actions are not limited to the physical plane. Everything we do is part of a larger perspective – one concerning our very evolution. 
The spiritual development brought by the conscious use of our aura leads us to an awareness of our evolutionary path and a new vision of the Cosmos.

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