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HRIT CHAKRA: The secret Sun Chakra

Also known as Hridaya or Surya chakra, Hrit chakra is only described in the Shakta tradition of Tantra.

The Hrit (Heart) Chakra is located just below the Anahata at the solar plexus or, sometimes, on the near left side of the body.

It has eight petals described as white, gold, or red in color.

Hrit chakra is sometimes known as the Surya (sun) chakra. Its role is to absorb energy from the sun and provide heat to the body and the other chakras (to Manipura in particular, to which it provides Agni (fire).

It has 3 regions: a vermilion sun region, within which is a white moon region, within which is a deep-red fire region. Within this is the red wish-fulfilling tree, kalpa vriksha, which symbolises the ability to manifest what one wishes to happen in the world.

The chakra is the only one related to the number 8, powerful spiritual number that can be found at the heart of the most occult spiritual traditions. From Tantrism to Hermeticism, the Sun has been recognized as the key to the most powerful energy of the world. Breathing techniques along with deep state of consciousness open the gates of our inner world.

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