A Powerful Traditional Path

From the1970's to the 1990's, I intensively practiced Pranayama, Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation associated with guided visualization), creative visualization, and energy work. I began to teach these sciences and was invited on several radio shows to talk about these subjects. I have also studied hypnotism, dream interpretation and have progressively mastered the techniques of creative visualization.
Meditation was a prerequisite for this training. I studied and was initiated into the meditation techniques of Chan Buddhism, better known today simply as mindfulness. I continued to use these techniques to extend my practice in this tradition. I went through each step and learned how each is used in Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.
I completed several spiritual initiations and progressively focused more on the Western tradition. My goal was to use my knowledge of Eastern practices to resurrect and reveal essential keys of the Mediterranean traditions. 

With my wife Patricia I started to teach several aspects of this traditional path of yoga and develop yoga teachers training. One of the first step is a powerful combination of 3 main components of the yogic tradition: Yoga Nidra (Deep relaxation), Pranayama (Breathing), and Mantra Yoga (Use of the voice). All three united gives a wonderful tools that is applied to find healing and balance.

Our activities in this field are presented on the website we created.

I invite you to visit us for a class, a workshop, or a retreat!

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