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A Powerful Western Traditional Path

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 I am a certified Yoga Teacher with "Yoga Alliance" (E-RYT - YACEP), along with being Ambassador the United States and France for the “International Yoga Federation.”  With my wife Patricia, I am the founder of “Mediterranean Yoga - Aurum Solis,” registered school with the “International Yoga Federation.”

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Mediterranean Yoga in a nutshell

Such as the mainstream eastern yoga, the “Mediterranean Yoga(TM)” is essentially a spiritual discipline based on a pre-Christian lineage. This Mediterranean tradition focuses on bringing harmony between mind and body. The Sun is its heart and center. Eight rays shining from the Glorious Star define the eight categories of its system.

They are:
1- Movement & workout: physical movements, mudras, purification techniques, deep relaxation techniques, etc.
2- Mindfulness: Concentration, awareness of the present, visualization, guided meditations, etc.
3- Breathwork & Sacred Sounds: Breathing techniques, pronunciations of sacred sounds and words, overtones, throat singing, sacred musical instruments, etc.
4- Energy healing & Diet: Animal magnetism (aka mesmerism), energy work (in-person and at a distance), Mediterranean diet (only diet recommended by the American Heart Association).
5- Astrology: Sumerian and Egyptian astrology have been ones of the most ancient in the world. Mediterranean Yoga is teaching from the source.
6- Devotion: There are many steps in this spiritual and religious part. To use eastern names, the topics ranges from Bhakti Yoga to Deity Yoga but according the earliest Mediterranean traditions.
7- Theurgy (aka theurgic path) is the Western equivalent of Tantrism. This ray focus on the ritualistic dimension.
8- Philosophy: Pre-Christian philosophies and their practical exercises. 

All these rays can be practiced and learnt independently but they constitute the whole system of the “Mediterranean Yoga(TM).”
It is structured on three main initiations while some of the rays possess their own initiations.
It is worth to say that all the techniques date back to the most ancient traditions of the Mediterranean world. Its philosophy and techniques have very distinctive characteristics even if similarities can be found with the Eastern schools of Yoga. 

The lineage
I received several spiritual initiations and in the 80’s one of the most authentic and important lineage of the Western tradition, the “Aurum Solis,” “Gold of the Sun,” that was made public in UK in 1897.
Almost 20 years later, I received the full authority of this tradition and became Grand Master in 2003. 
Also in the 80's I received a very important heritage and lineage coming from the founders of animal magnetism, energy work, natural alimentation, and nudism. These founders, the Durville fathers and brothers, were Medical Doctors. They called this movement "Eudianism," meaning "Serenity" in Greek. This lineage and authority has been associated with my practices and teachings.

Since this time, my wife Patricia and I implemented important research on our roots and practices. Then, we progressively organized in a very comprehensive way all the techniques and teachings we inherited of what is properly called “Mediterranean Yoga.” 

More about me (You can also jump to my bio)
From the 70's to the 90's, I practiced intensively Pranayama, Yoga Nidra (a deep relaxation associated with guided visualization), creative visualization, and energy work. I began to teach these sciences and was invited to several radio shows to talk about these subjects. Hypnotism and dream interpretation were also parts of my initial training of this time. I progressively master the techniques of creative visualization.

Practicing meditation was a prerequisite to this training. Then, I was trained and initiated in the meditation techniques of Chan Buddhism. Some of them are today better known under the name "Mindfulness." I continued to use these techniques from these days, extending my practice of this tradition. I went through each step of this essential ability and learn its use in Eastern and Western spiritual traditions.

I received several spiritual initiations and progressively focused more on the Western tradition. My goal was to use my knowledge of eastern practices to resurrect and reveal essential keys of the Mediterranean traditions. This is what I did in several of my books published in various languages by Llewellyn Publication.


Workshops & Continued Education
My wife Patricia and I are teaching all the aspects of "Mediterranean Yoga®" either online or in-person during workshops, and retreats.

If you are a yoga teacher, you should know that you can learn the various rays of Mediterranean Yoga and after graduating, teach them in your studio.

As holder of a M.A.'s in Philosophy my classes are validated by Yoga Alliance as "continued education." Topics can be philosophy, mythology, religion, ancient traditions, and all the 8 rays of this tradition.


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