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The Magical Use of Prayer Beads

Wonders of the subterranean world are fascinating. Several times, I've had the opportunity to explore deep caves. In the silence and darkness of the earth, it is easier to forget the outer world. Our breathing becomes more perceptible. Simple sounds, such as drops falling regularly onto the floor, make our inner being resonate to these magic sonic waves.

For the philosopher Plato, caves were representations of the physical world and our body. The reality is elsewhere. It can be found in the spiritual world and simultaneously in our inner being, which can be reached through progressive steps of consciousness. The symbols in this cave are all important. Stalactites and stalagmites are a powerful example of what prayers are capable of. Drops fall from the ceiling. One by one, they leave a small amount of calcium salts on the ceiling and on the floor, building a stalagmite progressively rising to the top. Eventually, the stalactite descending from the ceiling and the stalagmite ascending will unite, forming a strong pillar. This is the regularity and the constancy that allows this visual miracle to appear, which may take years or centuries.

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