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Treatment Vs. Self-Medication

In many countries it is very difficult to do what we can do in the United States: go to our neighbor supermarket to choose a drug we need. Of course we cannot find everything, but for the most common diseases we can freely buy what we need. This is great! What need is there for a doctor if you have a cold or if your eyes are dry?

However, in France and elsewhere in the world, you cannot proceed like that. Pharmacists are the exclusive guardians of most drugs, and can provide them only with a prescription from a doctor. This is often very frustrating, as we want to be free to choose what we think we need!

It amazes me that learning magic can be seen in the same way. When I was young I felt a real desire to explore the invisible, to know more about spirituality. Then I bought books, began various practices, used esoteric techniques from one tradition and then another.

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