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Did Magic Begin with Qabalah?

Western initiatic traditions like Freemasonry, Golden Dawn, Aurum Solis, etc. have a long history. They have achieved a worldwide reputation. However, you must be careful about your first impression when you are looking for a book about Qabalah!

Qabalah is everywhere! In bookstores and online you will find ubiquitous references to the Qabalistic tree, the Sephiroth, the Archangels, the sacred words, etc. In fact, because of its presence everywhere, these books on Qabalah seem to be the only reference you can trust, the real and unique source of the entire Western Tradition. In fact, Qabalah is based on the Jewish esoteric interpretation of the Bible, which is a primary source book in our world. Ironically, people seeking involvement in the Orders of the Western Tradition may be neither Jewish, nor Christian, even though these Orders consider the Qabalah to be the cornerstone of all initiations.

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