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As a specialist of the spiritual world - life coach, author, and philosopher - I have the opportunity to meet and counsel people who belong to very different cultures.

Everyone is different and anyone can meet various obstacles in his life. 
I know that loneliness is real.

It is very difficult to find someone to talk with about your feelings, doubts, and personal issues.

To have a successful life, it is fundamental to:

  • Know how to overcome the obstacles we meet

  • Learn the way to balance one’s life on the physical and spiritual levels

  • Discover the meaning of life

  • Remove the fear of death

These questions are essential, and solving them will totally transform your life. What was impossible will then become possible.

You need someone who has a very deep knowledge of existence and considers human beliefs to be realities.

My experience allows me to understand immediately what you are talking about. You need someone who knows how the inner psychic processes work, as well as the nature of the spiritual worlds. A psychoanalyst, a psychologist, or even a priest cannot understand what you are talking about. Even without knowing it, they may judge you and their counseling will take you almost nowhere. 

My background in psychotherapy, philosophy, and spirituality, linked to my expertise in personal development, along with my training, initiations, and understanding, allow me to go beyond the mental restrictions of rigid systems. 

 You do not need years of counseling to obtain assistance. However, it is paramount to talk in person with someone who can understand what you are experiencing and give you counseling to overcome your obstacles.

While teaching philosophy I was trained in Gestalt-therapy and obtained a certification delivered by the “Institut Français de Gestalt-Therapie” (French Institute of Gestalt-therapy). For several years, I have also practiced oneirology and hypnotherapy.

Contact me to book a first appointment so you can present your personal situation and goal. Then, I will give you specific advice and counseling rooted in the techniques I learned and teach.

At the end of this first meeting, I will likely propose for you a personal program organized in a number of sessions. This individual program will be designed for you and will help you to overcome the challenges you are facing. 
It is important to know that our conversions are confidential and your privacy is always respected.

We can meet online using a very simple video-conference system. This meeting can also take place on the phone, if this is necessary. 

Click here right now to contact me, to ask about the fees, and to schedule an appointment.

Thanks! Message sent.

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