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Specs: Trade Paperback | English | 299 pages | 8 x 9 IN

Time is a fascinating subject!
Each day, we witness the cycles of the sun and the moon.
However, it is common knowledge that our modern calendar is artificial and deeply disconnected from the real visible and invisible cycles of the cosmos.
One of the greatest mysteries is hidden in plain sight and today you can unveil it!
The Pagan Almanac 2022 gives you access to the actual calendars of the greatest pagan traditions.
You will discover the real planetary days, astral events, cycles of the moon and the sun, the period of the decans and much more.
Each calendar is provided at its real time with the traditional festivals and sacred days.
You can now follow the dates all along the year and deepen your understanding of the Western Tradition with fascinating articles.
With this “Ultimate Pagan Calendar 2022” your will enlighten your spiritual and magical life!

The Calendar provides for each day the following information:
- Real Planetary Day
- Phase of the Moon
- Zodiac
- Decan and Ruler
- Astral Event
- Celebration and Remembrance
- Pletho’s Calendar
- Attic Calendar & Festivals
- Roman Calendar & Festivals
- Gaulish Calendar and Festivals
- Egyptian Calendar & Festivals

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